Slim Goodie

Hours:                 Monday 6:30PM - 7:15PM

Music Type:       R&B + Hip-Hop from the 90's to today.

Motto:                 Embrace the music, catch the beat, feel the                                 BURN and drink plenty of water.

Chauncey Dennis

Hours:                  Tuesday         5:15AM - 6:00AM

                             Wednesday   5:15AM - 6:00AM

Music Type:        "Soul Music"

Motto:                  Bring your legs and your lungs to the party                                  ride

Nicole Rush

Hours:                 Thursday.      6:15PM - 7:00PM

                             Saturday       9:15AM - 10:00AM       

Music Type:       Hip-Hop, Top 40, *strong language*

Motto:                 Dig deep and do it for yourself. Find yourself!                                   Be yourself!

Debi Noel

Hours:                 Wednesday          7:15PM - 8:00PM

                             Saturday               8:15AM - 9:00AM

Music type:        Hip-hop, R&B, House, Reggae Techno, 

Motto:                   If you think it, you can achieve it

Robert McKinnon

Hours:               Tuesday      6:30PM - 7:15PM

                           Saturday:    7:15AM - 8:00AM

Music type:      We travel from New York to the Caribbean,                             Latin America, Africa through Europe while                             staying close to the soul.

Motto:                Ride Free, Live Free

Moise Garrett

Hours:               Thursday:       5:15AM - 6:00AM

Music type:      Top 40, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Mashup Mixes

Motto:               Come and get some MO.